Does Music Affect Plant Growth

Though it is still a debatable topic, experiments conducted all over the world indicate that music can affect plant growth.  While soothing classical music, Beethoven, Brahms have been seen to help in stimulating growth, certain other music hindered their growth rate. Here is an experiment that can help you in the research and arrive at a conclusion.

Does Music Affect Plant Growth
Does Music Affect Plant Growth

How Does Music Affect Plant Growth: An Experiment


The pot having mustard seeds exposed to music germinates and grows faster than those without music.


  • Packet of radish seeds
  • 2 plastic pots
  • Soil
  • Classical music CD
  • CD player
  • 1-meter ruler
  • Tap water


  1. The 2 pots are filled with the same amount of soil and labeled A and B.
  2. Maintaining a distance of 20 mm in between them, 10 radish seeds are placed in the soil of each pot.
  3. The pots are kept in such a place that they receive the same amount of sunlight every day.
  4. They are also watered equally twice every day.
  5. Pot A is placed beside the CD player playing classical music for 3 hours every day.
  6. Pot B is kept away from any source of sound.
  7. Their height is recorded every day for 15 days and tabulated.

It is seen that the plants under the effect of music record a greater increase in average height than the ones placed away from music. The relation between music and plant growth be studied better by plotting the no. of days as the independent variable on a graph paper and the average plant height as the dependent variable. You should have 2 different graphs for the data pertaining to plants growing with and without music on the same graph paper for a good comparative study. In fact, the absence of music does nothing to the normal growth rate.

You Can Also Try

  • Check out the influence of rap, rock and heavy metal music on the growing plants.

Music Affecting Plant Growth Video

Possible Explanation

Music has been observed to improve the germination process and enhance growth in plants albeit without a proper scientific explanation. Plants, as such cannot hear sound, but they can feel the vibration of the sound waves in air. The living matter within plants, protoplasm, is in a state of perpetual motion. The sound vibrations add to it, speeding up the transfer of nutrients and resulting in faster growth. However, loud music like rock can be detrimental for development as they increase the vibrations to intolerable levels.

Get all the requisite background information before demonstrating the scope of music for an accelerated growth of plants at science fairs. Serve an eco-friendly purpose by using music therapy to promote healthy greenery in nurseries, gardens, etc.


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